Progression Chart

- Ulduar

- Siege of Ulduar Clear
- Antechamber of Ulduar Clear
- Keepers of Ulduar Clear
- Descent into Madness Clear
- Celestial Planetarium CLEAR!

- Naxxramas

- Arachnid Quarter Clear
- Construct Quarter Clear
- Military Quarter Clear
- Plague Quarter Clear
- Frostwyrm Lair Clear

- Obsidian Sanctum

- Sartharion Clear
- +1 Drake Clear
- +2 Drakes Clear
- +3 Drakes Clear

- Eye of Eternity

- Malygos Clear

- Vault of Archavon

- Archavon Clear

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Latest News

The Beast With a Thousand Loots

Yogg Saron

I blame Lucina for the lack of updates.

Once again, we have been able to keep our spot as the #1 10-man raiding guild on Eldre’Thalas. Within the first week of Ulduar’s release we made it to Yogg-Saron, a feat not accomplished by many guilds during that time. It was only a matter of time though before we finally had the defeat of an Old God under our belts – and this was only week two.

Clearing Ulduar shortly after its release was certainly something to be proud of. As the raiding weeks wore on and the desire to take on more difficult content became apparent, we began working on hard modes. From bringing down Thorim (IN THE MOUNTAINS) to toppling General Vezax and his Saronite Animus, the “Glory of the Ulduar Raider” achievement is almost within our grasp. The only hard modes that stand in our way are Firefighter (Mimiron) and One Light in the Darkness (Yogg-Saron). Just remember to stay out of the fire…

In other news, my 25-man pugs have been going rather well. I started getting friends and fellow guildies together back in February to do Naxxramas and Malygos. I was very hesitant when Ulduar came out to do any attempts at a 25-man pug since Blizzard claimed that this content would not be “puggable” for some time. I’m glad I proved them wrong! In the few weeks we have been doing heroic Ulduar in a pug, we have gotten to Mimiron. Hopefully we will be able to take down Mimiron this week and get some sweet General Vezax action in.

All in all, PC raiding has been going very smoothly. Staying on top simply requires dedication and time; there’s no need to purposely neglect 25-man pug raiding or the need to rely on websites to reaffirm our progression status. Plundercats hoooooooo~!

Posted by: Meissa
1:09AM 06/23/09

The Twilight Zone


February nineteenth, two-thousand nine. A day which will live in infamy.

An exaggeration? Not for us!

The fabled Sartharion plus three drakes encounter is now on farm status, reaffirming the Plundercat's position as the #1 10-man guild on Eldre'Thalas; in case you weren't aware of it already. Only two other 25-man guilds managed to tackle the encounter ahead of us.

Just in time for 3.1, too. I think I hear Yogg-Saron shaking in his tentacles...

Posted by: Lucina
10:14PM 03/04/09

Champions of the Frozen Waste


After only a few short weeks, we've polished off our dinner plate. Following a thorough stomping in Naxxramas, a stop-off by Sartharian's house (someone needs to redecorate), and a few nights in Malygos's structurally unsound fantasy world, the Plundercats can finally sit back and relax. Even Sartharion's buddy couldn't help but pledge FAILty to us.

As of this writing, the guild is tied for first in 10-man realm progression, and is number one amongst 10-man only guilds. Enjoy your holiday vacation, you've earned it!

Of course, Staalth raises a good question...

dont u guys have Lives

Perhaps a new slogan is in the works?

WTS Lives

Posted by: Lucina
3:29AM 12/20/08

Hey, are you going to Naxxramas?


Our first all guild run to Naxxramas is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec 3rd (which also happens to be our three year anniversary) at 9PM server time. Check out Celicia's post for a quick run down on what you'll need to participate. See you there!

Posted by: Lucina
10:55PM 11/28/08

New Website Launched

This is our new website! More updates are coming soon. From here you can see the current progression track, recruitment openings, member bios, and more.

Questions and comments are welcome on the forum.

Posted by: Lucina
8:26PM 07/29/08

New Forum Open

The new forum is now open to the public. You will need to register a new account to post.

Posted by: Lucina
7:00PM 07/14/08

Wrath of the Lich King on the Horizon

Blizzard Authenticator

The next expansion for World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King, is on it's way. Also be sure and grab a Blizzard Authenticator for added account security. For $6.50, you get this nifty password generator, making it almost impossible for keyloggers to steal your account.

Posted by: Lucina
7:00PM 07/14/08